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Cat tips

Do you love cats and want to know their every detail, or are you getting a cat and want/need advice? Well your in luck!

1.Cats are the most popular pets in America 88 million cats, 74 million dogs.

2. The taste buds of a cat can not detect sugar. (No point giving them cupcakes!)

3. Cats use whiskers to gauge whether or not they can fit through an opening.

4. Isaac Newton invented the cat flap door.

5. President Lincoln had four cats in the White House.

6. Cats purr at the same frequency as an idling diesel engine. ( About 26 purrs a second.)

7. Cats can hear for up to 3 miles away!

That is all of the cat facts I could collect in 15 minutes, please tell me in the comments if this was useful to you. Thanks for reading.:-)

Oh, and here is a song I found about cats, it’s a Kid song, but it’s a song. Here it is:

There’s an animal whose name starts with C. Can you guess?

They’re curious, cuddly and cute. Can you guess?

Who goes out late at night? Cool for cats.

Who climbs trees and gets in fights? Cool for cats.

Who curls up in front the fire? Cool for cats.

Who’s supposed to have nine lives? Cool for cats.

Oh they’re cool. Cool for cats.

Yes there cool. Cool for cats.

Oh so cool. Cool for cats.

Yes they’re cool. cool for cats!