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When I was removing a tick from my dog Sandy’s ear she would not stay still.( It is better to have two people one to remove it and one to comfort him or her, one should be the owner.) We had to hold her down use gloves or something to keep your hands safe. We tried mouthwash, but remember to always cover your hands because ticks are toxic. They are not insects they have eight legs and part of the spider and are part of the spider family. Jiggle the tick with your finger then pull it a little use your hand or sterilized tweezers, make sure you get the head! Sandy’s tick was huge, so step on your dog’s tick or put it in alcohol or mouthwash that works better. You should reward your dog for being brave because ticks hurt maybe get them a treat or praise him make them feel good. Brush were the tick was or around the spot and clean the spot were the tick was with a warm washcloth. and check their body for more because if there’s one there could be more.

Oh sorry I could not take photos.:(